Without amazing people like you we cannot succeed

TITONARC is on a joint campaign with other organisations to combat dog fighting. Dogs that have been RESCUED from the The most abusive situations and will be taken in by us and mentally and physically rehabilitated and will be placed in to different sectors of our program that suits the dogs’ temperament.

These sectors include:

Anti Poaching

Farm Attack Prevention

Other abused and abandoned breeds of dogs will be taken in and will go through the same process of rehabilitation, be placed in to the various sectors of our program, or else be place in good homes. Therefore providing a safe haven for the future of any given dog – be it in the anti poaching program or the personal protection program.

All dogs will go through a thorough conditioning and training program providing them with the skills, obedience and fitness to fulfil their future placing's.
Each dog will go through approximately 300 man hours of training thus adding great value to the dog.

Kennelling for approximately 45 dogs at any given time and 47 training and conditioning apparatus.
Training and conditioning facilities (for working active dogs)
The dogs will need to go into a physical work program to up their fitness, stamina and overall strength.

This will house 10 selected individuals from the local ethnic African community. These 10 individuals will be part of a 2 year program that teaches them the fundamentals of training and conditioning dogs, conservation and preservation and security grading, firearm training and anti-poaching skills.


DRONE PROGRAMME (up and coming soon)

Thanks to modern technology, we are now incorporating drone surveillance and training dogs to work in conjunction with drone to patrol and to react on grid pattern formations.



We would like to offer our services to the local community, command obedience, control, offensive and defensive man-work. A TRAINED dog is a Guardian Dog.

All proceeds of training go towards growing of our organisation


​How you can help save lives of animals, endangered species and personal safety of our society:

Any donation can make a difference.

There are various ways you can donate now, to help us and help animals in need.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)​

Our bank details to make an EFT are:
Account Name: TitonARC
Branch: Bedfordview
Current Account Branch Code: 250655
Account #: 62590802023

Please would you email confirmation of donation once completed to titonarc@outlook.com

Debit Order (Recurring donation)

To create a debit order please request the Direct Debit Authorisation Form. Once completed, please send us a scanned copy of the form to titonarc@outlook.com and we will instruct the financial institutes accordingly.